The Genocide Awareness Project comes to Carleton University

Our friends in the pro-life club at Carleton University will be setting up GAP on their campus this week. We applaud them for their courage in taking a stance despite the potential controversy and standing up for life on their campus. Hopefully many minds and hearts will be changed as a result! Below is their press release:

Students at Carleton University Get Eye-Full

OTTAWA. This October, 4, Carleton Lifeline will re-open the abortion debate—and it will be hard to ignore them.  The students will display six 4×8 foot bloody images from the controversial Genocide Awareness Project (GAP:  The GAP graphically compares abortion to historical atrocities, such as the Holocaust, and has been met with resistance most particularly at the University of Calgary. This Monday from 10am to 4pm, their exhibit will be displayed in the Quad at Carleton University.  With students passing through that area on their way to and from class, heads are expected to turn. “A university is the marketplace of ideas and we want to use that platform to show that abortion is an act of violence that kills a baby,” said club president Ruth Lobo, a Human Rights major.  “We know this exhibit is effective at changing peoples’ minds because they’ve said so.”

The students said they hope to achieve debate about abortion, and they hope their message won’t be censored. Their exhibit comes on the heels of the University of Calgary Campus Pro-Life (CPL) club’s GAP display.  Out west, the students have faced censorship attempts from U of C — from the university having them charged with trespassing (the charges were eventually stayed) to charging them with non-academic student misconduct.

“We hope Carleton upholds our rights to free speech and academic freedom and encourages healthy discussion,” said history major James Shaw. “And if people are bothered by the pictures, I ask them to consider, if there’s nothing wrong with abortion, why would a picture of it bother someone so much?” A press conference will be held on campus in the Quad at 9 am on Monday October 4th 2010.


About Campus Pro-Life

Our mission is to change hearts and minds about abortion, on our campus and beyond. We believe that every life has dignity and worth and should be protected. Each human being from the moment of their conception until the moment of their natural death has a right to life that no other person can take from them. We exist in order to protect and promote this right. We are a voice for the voiceless and an advocate for justice and equality to be granted to every human being.
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