Have a Pro-Active Christmas break!

The Christmas break is always much anticipated after a long, busy Fall semester. It is time to get some needed sleep and celebrate the joy of the season with our family and loved ones. However business at abortion clinics still continues and children are still being killed. So how can we use this time off to become better advocates for life and continue to do our part to help end the legal slaughter of unborn human beings? Here are some ideas ūüôā

  • Head to unmaskingchoice.ca and watch their apologetics and strategy training videos.
  • Visit blogs like prowomenprolife.com to keep up on the latest pro-life news.
  • Read your local newspaper and look for articles related to pro-life issues and write letters to the editor defending life.
  • Search up good apologetics books to get¬†familiar¬†with the issues and ¬†learn how to better defend your pro-life viewpoint.¬†Recommendations¬†are:¬†Defending Life: A Moral and Legal Case Against Abortion Choice (Dr.F.Beckwith)¬†The Case for Life (Scott Klusendorf) Embryo: A Defense of Human Life (Robert George and Christopher Tollefsen) Why Pro-Life? (Randy Alcorn). You can find lots of good resources just by searching the author’s name.
  • There are may short articles on various common questions brought up in the abortion debate here: http://www.str.org/site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=5349
  • Learn about historical social justice movements by reading books such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Autobiography and Bury the Chains (Adam Hochschild)
  • Find out about why women are speaking up to share how they regret their abortions and why men are regretting their lost fatherhood:¬†http://www.silentnomoreawareness.org/about/ A good read is Forgiven of Murder by Denise¬†Mountenay
  • Give a donation to groups who provide support and services to women in crisis pregnancies and their children such as Birthright, the Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre, Elizabeth House and Emma House.
  • Obviously there are many other things out there that can be done but hopefully this gives you a few good ideas! Don’t forget to write to us at prolife@ucalgary.ca to let us know when you are available in the New Year to come to our Pro-Life Apologetics training sessions!

About Campus Pro-Life

Our mission is to change hearts and minds about abortion, on our campus and beyond. We believe that every life has dignity and worth and should be protected. Each human being from the moment of their conception until the moment of their natural death has a right to life that no other person can take from them. We exist in order to protect and promote this right. We are a voice for the voiceless and an advocate for justice and equality to be granted to every human being.
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