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About Campus Pro-Life

Our mission is to change hearts and minds about abortion, on our campus and beyond. We believe that every life has dignity and worth and should be protected. Each human being from the moment of their conception until the moment of their natural death has a right to life that no other person can take from them. We exist in order to protect and promote this right. We are a voice for the voiceless and an advocate for justice and equality to be granted to every human being.

Have a Pro-Active Christmas break!

The Christmas break is always much anticipated after a long, busy Fall semester. It is time to get some needed sleep and celebrate the joy of the season with our family and loved ones. However business at abortion clinics still … Continue reading

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Bill C-510: Roxanne’s Law

Coming up on December 13 Bill C-510 will be up for a second reading and debate in the House of Commons, followed by a vote on the law on Dec 15. Go to the website: to find out ways … Continue reading

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Campus Pro-Life Clubs on the Michael Coren Show

Watch leaders of pro-life clubs across the country Ruth Lobo (President) and James Shaw (VP) of Carleton Lifeline and Campus Pro-Life President Alanna Campbell, Rebecca Richmond (Executive Director) and Theresa Gilbert (President) of the National Campus Life Network (NCLN) and … Continue reading

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Carleton Students Arrested for Displaying GAP

As most people have heard already, the students at Carleton University who tried to set up GAP were arrested and charged with trespassing last month (the amount of time I have not updated our blog it seems!). Instead of reiterating the whole thing … Continue reading

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The Genocide Awareness Project comes to Carleton University

Our friends in the pro-life club at Carleton University will be setting up GAP on their campus this week. We applaud them for their courage in taking a stance despite the potential controversy and standing up for life on their campus. … Continue reading

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Press release September 27, 2010

STUDENTS RISK MORE PENALTIES FROM UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY FOR DEFYING CENSORSHIP  CALGARY – Despite warnings from the University of Calgary administration, members of the Campus Pro-Life (CPL) student group found guilty of “Non-Academic Misconduct” for having set up a pro-life display … Continue reading

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Press Release September 9, 2010

UNIVERSITY DENIES HEARING FOR PRO-LIFE STUDENTS CALGARY – The University of Calgary upheld an earlier decision finding eight of its students, who set up a controversial pro-life display on campus in April 2010, guilty of “non-academic misconduct”. A five-person Appeal … Continue reading

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A Brief History

Campus Pro-Life, a Student Union sanctioned club at the University of Calgary, has been setting up the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) on campus twice per year since 2006. For more information on GAP see In the spring of 2008, … Continue reading

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