Executive Council

President: Alanna Campbell

Alanna is a fourth year student working towards degrees in Biology and Spanish.  She first became involved with the club in her first semester of university, after walking by the Genocide Awareness Project display that CPL was hosting on campus. Before seeing the project, she was pro-life in name but had never really thought about what that meant and the reality of abortion rarely crossed her mind. After seeing the images, it was impossible to ignore the awful truth of what happens to thousands upon thousands of unborn children every year and she has been involved ever since. Besides serving as treasurer for CPL from 2008-2010,  Alanna has travelled throughout North America to participate in various pro-life projects and help educate people on the truth about abortion.

VP: Cameron Wilson

coming soon…

VP: Peter Csillag

Peter is a fourth year undergraduate student, completing B.A., double-majoring in Political Science and History. This is his second year on the executive for Campus Pro-Life. He recently completed an internship for the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, a national educational pro-life organization. In the past year he has been a guest on Paul Arthur’s show In Sight, a local CTV news station, and was a guest on AM 770’s Calgary Today radio show as a result of his pro-life activism.

VP: Ania Biernacki

Ania is a Faculty of Arts student in her final year as a dance major. Although once a supporter of abortion, she has taken the time to learn about embryonic, fetal and child development as well as abortion procedures, causing her to realize the unfortunate truth of what she was supporting. She credits her awesome brother for encouraging her to learn the facts rather than acting on emotion. Since then Ania has found various opportunities to defend the defenseless lives of unborn children and support pregnant women such as by contributing to the annual Life Fair on campus and volunteering with underprivileged families. One of her goals is to raise money with CPL for the student parent bursary so that individuals are able to gain an education and further their career possibilities while parenting, just as her mother and father both did.

Secretary: Cristina Perri

coming soon…

Treasurer: Keith Pridgen

Keith is a 4th year political science student at the UofC. As he is motivated to promote causes he believes in, he joined CPL in his first year of university. For Keith, the pro-life message is one he pursues for two reasons. The first is because he realizes from a strict, cold, logical perspective that the unborn are human and deserve protection because they are human. The second reason is that his Christian faith calls him to love his neighbor, particularly the neighbor who cannot protect himself  nor voice his cry for help. After graduating he anticipates being a lifelong member of the pro-life group in whatever city he lives, using the apologetic and debate skills he has learned as a CPL member to defend the unborn.


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